This is an alpabetical list of bibliographic references in case you’re interested in further reading on the subject. Feel free to suggest more:

1. Benkler, Yochai. The wealth of networks: how social production transforms markets and freedom. New Haven, CT. Yale University Press, c2006. Proposes we are in an economy of information where we are seeing a “radical change in the organization of information production” and explains the importance of non market production

2. Gorlick, Adam “Choosing your words” The Bekshire Eagle, Sept 16, 2007 Section: State. References the process of neologisms

3. Jenkins, Henry Convergence culture: where old and new media collide, New York University Press 2006. Discusses how several ways on how different mediums have already converged and why no new media will make “old media” disappear but transform it.

4. Karp, Scott Editor of Publisher 2.0. The Death of the User. (accessed Sept, 30, 2007). Discusses some of the controversy cause by the term “user”

5. Pinkler, Steven “Coming to terms thinking about how words get made can challenge some our fundamental assumptions” Los Angeles Times, Sept 30, 2007 pg M.1 Explains process of how new words are formed.

6. Rothman, Solomon “User Generated Content – Accurate Not Insult” 20070102UserGeneratedContentAccurateNotInsult.html (accessed Sept, 30, 2007). Refers to UGC as a neologism and explains why it is an appropriate term.

7. Sponder. Marshall. Web Metric Guru Provides articles with metrics on social media

8. Vickery Graham and Wunsch-Vincent, Sacha. Participative Web: User created content. OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Declassified March 2007. Study sponsored for OECD that discusses the defintion of UGC and its impact.

9. Wikipedia “User Generated Content” (accessed 18:21, Sep, 29, 2007). States a description of what UGC is. This is a starting point for my research.


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