USER? User of what?

October 9, 2007 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Term | 4 Comments
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Kristina and Eunice commented on the word “user” and its ambiguity. Interestingly enough, the term has caused some strong reactions:

Bloggers like Scott Karp think that the problem is the differentiation that “user” implies from traditional “publishers”.

Another example is Rishad Tobaccowala in his keynote at OMMA who said: “User Generated Content: Since when did I become a heroin addict?”

However, Solomon Rothman argues that UGC is accurate, not insulting, and that it is different from traditional publishers because the authors motivations and because “users” are usually not paid.

What do you think of the word user?



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  1. It seems a user is not paid and someone who just visits a site and wants to contribute content.

  2. Does “user” sort of imply that these sites are to function in some way, as opposed to, say, “visitor” generated content?

  3. To me the word “user” in UGC assumes that a person who creates something to share with others online has also been a past beneficiary of that same type of content created by others. “Beneficiary” may not be the right word – Consumer? Patron? User? 😉

    It seems that this assumption would be correct most of the time. For example, it’s probably unlikely that someone would create and share a YouTube video without ever having viewed anyone else’s videos on the site. True, this would not apply to the first person to ever post content on a site, but that is only provided that the person was never a “user” of that type of content in a different forum or media.

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